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Start a round, invite investors, and automate everything from open to close.

Start a round

Set terms

Draft legal docs

Upload to DocuSign

Collect signatures

Email wire instructions

Confirm funds

Track investors

Automate all of it on Party Round.

Generate SAFEs, collect signatures, and receive funds, automatically.

The best part? It's completely free.

Generating SAFE

Setting up round

Round started

Your people.
Your terms.
Your cap table.

Unlike a crowdfunding platform, Party Round lets you invite and raise from people you already know.

Raise in cash
or crypto
or both.

With USD and USDC supported, you can raise from anyone, anywhere.

US Dollar


New investment
Packy McCormick just invested $10,000
New investment
Gaby Goldberg just invested $5,000 USDC
New investment
Seyi Taylor just invested $8,000

Receive funds
Manage rounds

Access your realtime dashboard and get live notifications on your raise.

Invited with a text, invested with a tap.

Once privately invited, your investors can view your round, connect their bank or wallet, and commit funds in seconds.

Your investors can mint exclusive NFTs to verify their investments.

Turn your investors into advocates with raise-specific NFTs made for sharing.

Raise in good company.

Join incredible startups and their visionary founders on Party Round.

Jordan Singer
Founder, Diagram
That was too easy. Game changing.
Preston Attebery
Founder, Smirk Software
I can't imagine why a founder would
use anything else.
Evan Stewart
Founder, Basewell
Closing a round without using Party Round is the equivalent of sending a fax.
Josh Browder
Founder, DoNotPay
Just made my first investment via Party Round. The experience was flawless and saves so much headache.

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Join the Party

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